Dani Joy

Dani Joy

Dani Joy is an ambidextrous dyslexic outsider artist. He lives at the edge of the digital divide, where essential internet is sparse and has to be hacked with cellular phone to enable AI art. Dani is self taught in fine art, digital art, and computer science. 

Website: https://www.danijoy.com
Twitter: @danijoy_art
Instagram: @danijoyart

Art+AI Expertise

I'm the founder of NorCal Figurative art guild and of Artist-Proof, an art and design studio in northern California, where I teach artists figure drawing and anatomy. At Artist-Proof I focus on fine art printmaking, cyborg painting, net art, crypto art, robotics, AI and animation.

Work with AI

Heart and Solstice Festival in Frogtown, CA; World Music Festival in Grass Valley, CA; Fall Colors Open Studio Tour in Nevada County, CA; ASiF Studio’s small works show in Grass Valley, CA; NeurIPS 2019. 


    In a personal quest to become the best version of myself as an artist and human being, I have inadvertently become a cyborg by using robotics, computers, and AI. Cyborg art will take the creative spirit of humanity and art to new heights and AI is a crucial part of it.