Hannu Töyrylä


Hannu Töyrylä

Hannu Töyrylä is a visual artist, living in Finland, exploring how to realise a personal artistic intent with the serendipitous potential of artificial intelligence. In the past, Hannu has worked in information technology and researched medieval intercultural encounters. 

Website: http://liipetti.net/visual
Twitter: @htoyryla
Instagram: @htoyryla

Art+AI Expertise

Worked with AI and art since 2015, exploring both transformative and generative techniques. Mainly writing my own software and experimenting with modifying code. Using my own datasets, mainly photographs. Reflecting on how to make AI to follow the human artistic intent. 

Work with AI

Solo exhibition ”Faces, memories” in Helsinki 2020 (interactive installation and prints), next solo exhibition scheduled in September. Works in several joint exhibitions 2017 - 2019. Member of Artist Association of Finland since 2016.

Worked actively to spread practical knowhow on AI based art in Finland since 2015, in cooperation with several artists and through a Facebook group.

 To sum up, I have chosen to concentrate on working within the local artist community, developing my own work, helping others and gaining acceptance for the use of AI in art. 


    For me art is a central human activity for self-expression, finding meaning and making sense of life and self. I am working to harness AI into a tool for making personally meaningful art, not just any art-like works.