J. Rosenbaum

J. Rosenbaum

J. Rosenbaum

J. Rosenbaum is an artist working with 3D modelling, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. Their work explores posthuman and postgender concepts using classical art combined with new media techniques and programming.

Website: https://www.jrosenbaum.com.au/
Twitter: @minxdragon
Instagram: @minxdragon

Art+AI Expertise

I have been an artist for 12 years and working in AI for 6 years. I started during my masters using style transfer and augmented reality together. I have since worked with torch, pytorch, and tensorflow in texture synthesis, photographic style transfer and GAN Image generation. 

Work with AI

My most exciting project is my PhD exploring computer perceptions of gender by manipulating the data of GANs while they are training to impact the art created and the gender bias in the work.

I have won the Australia Post midsumma art prize and the Fiona Meyer art prize for my AI work, and exhibited solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne, Toronto and South Korea.

I am excited about my Set in Stone artwork which shows the initial results of my PhD experimentation. My hidden worlds works are popular for their abstract images resolving in augmented reality


    I believe AI is providing fascinating research and creation material to augment the work of artists, it is the greatest advancement to art since the camera. I do not believe it will replace artists but will augment them and assist artists to discover more forms of expression.