Pinar Seyhan Demirdag


Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag's work includes futuristic visuals and experiences in fashion, technology, and design. It bravely challenges mediums and positively infiltrates popular zeitgeist. Constantly learning, adapting, and experimenting with the latest image technologies.

Twitter: @pinar_demirdag
Instagram: @pinarseyhandemirdag

Art+AI Expertise

With my AI works I create a dance of imagination. Mingling art with technology, I create a new mythology for the age of artificial intelligence. To talk about the secrets of the universe, the mythical and the mystical. My works are the union of emotion and science.  

Work with AI

1. Infinite Patters — Google Arts & Culture partnership

2. Panspermia — Aski Music video - Shown at: Art Rotterdam, Nips, Demo Festival, The One Minutes, Bethanien Berlin.

3. Derya Trilogy — We trained the machine, AI, to become our spiritual advisor.
Derya Trilogy is series of videos where our universal consciousness is portrayed as an inter-dimensional being (faery-human).

"As a women digital artist duo, we suggest a new, more exciting look for the dull aesthetics of technology."


    Humans should always keep the curatorial control. If we couple the heart, the intuition and power of interpretation of humans with the high processing power of AI, it can become a tool to make humans become closer their untainted nature: creators, dreamers and visionaries.