Ross Goodwin

Ross Godwin

Ross Goodwin

Artist, creative technologist, writer of writers. Graduate of NYU ITP & MIT; former Obama administration ghostwriter. Employs machine learning, natural language processing, other computational tools to realize new forms & interfaces for written language. 

Twitter: @rossgoodwin


Art+AI Expertise

Computational creative writing; new forms & interfaces for writing enabled by machine intelligence 

Work with AI, Narrated Reality, SUNSPRING (with Oscar Sharp), 1 the Road, Please Feed The Lions (with Es Devlin), Chain Tripping (with YACHT) 


    In the 19th century, many believed the camera would render painting obsolete. Instead, photography set painting free & catalyzed the great art movements of the 20th century. AI is like a camera for writing, for images that don't exist in reality, &c. Untold possibilities await.