Exploring Gender through the Lens of Computer Vision with Artist J.Rosenbaum

Explorations of AI Art— Episode 02

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred

“Many people feel that there is a ‘realness’ to painting that isn’t present in digital work and that is one of the things I hope to subvert.” — J.Rosenbaum

Kinnari 3D Render: Kinnari use their wings to move between the mystical planes and the earthly. Courtesy of J.Rosenbaum.

Libre AI had the opportunity to organize another interesting discussion about generative art. This time we reached out to American artist J.Rosenbaum.

Rosenbaum is based in Victoria, Australia, and is a contemporary figurative artist working in 3D modeling, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), investigating the intersection of technology and art.

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