Glitch Art Makes Us to Understand Life: a Conversation with Artist Dom Barra

Explorations of AI Art — Episode 11

Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred


I believe glitch art is a great way to learn about life, and to understand the tech based world we live in… I always approached the digital space as a landscape, and glitch art was the path to actually explore this new world through its vulnerabilities and possibilities.” — Dom Barra


 “The Thinker” by Dom Barra



For the new episode of Cueva’s art blog I had the pleasure to interview Domenico (Dom) Barra. He is an Italian digital artist based in Naples, Italy, where he works also as an educator and a visual content creator. Most of his work relates to glitch art, exploiting the “glitch” as raw material for artistic creations, but also as the narrative line to investigate aspects related to the new media.

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