Explorations of AI Art

  • A Chat about Art with Collector Nicolas Laugero-Lasserre

    During 2019, the interest in digital art has increasingly seen the involvement of museums and galleries, showing that there is a good chance of growth, although the digital art market is still in its infancy. All of this went hand in hand with the questioning of concepts such as the value of art, the role of the artist and the real meaning of creativity.

    Reasoning on some of these issues, for an opinion I thought to reach out to an expert in the art world. So I contacted Paris-based French collector Nicolas Laugero-Lasserre.

  • Data Have a “Soul” in The Art of Kirell Benzi

    The New Year offers Cueva Gallery a journey into the artistic practice of Kirell Benzi, PhD in Data Science at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), data artist, TEDx speaker and data visualization lecturer.
  • Art and Science Bring Beauty in The Work of Multimedia Artist ALAgrApHY

    ALAgrApHY is a Paris-based multimedia artist and scientist (PhD in Complex Systems and expertise in AI and Data Science) who is currently exploring the connection between art and science.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Art is making an entrance into Interior Design

    An exploration of AI art and interior design.
  • Blurring the Boundaries between Physical and Digital: The Love for Art of Andrei Taraschuk

    In a society permeated by technology what is the meaning of art and what’s its role? When it comes to answering these questions, a person comes to my mind and is Andrei Taraschuk.

  • The Creative Dialogue Of Human And Machine In The Work Of AI Artist Harshit Agrawal

    Harshit Agrawal is a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher, a public speaker and a well-known AI artist. Our conversation has been quite engaging, bringing to light fine aspects about how AI can enhance human creativity, and not only.
  • Blockchain And Cryptocurrency In Cueva Gallery

    Blockchain is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.”[1]
  • Man Vs Machine Is Obsolete: Towards New Perspectives Of AI In The Arts (And For The Greater Good)

    When it comes to software and Arts the situation becomes, in some ways, even more complicated. A lot of the discussion involves the concept of creativity and often there is a mental barrier in defense of creativity as a stronghold of our human being. There is a conscious (or unconscious) fear that the machine could take creativity away from us, making us somehow less human. And this fear is largely shared by artists who refuse to approach technology and incorporate it in their practice because they are afraid the machine could take over.

  • The Joy of Neural Painting

    I am sure you know Bob Ross and his program The Joy of Painting where he taught thousands of viewers how to paint beautiful landscapes with a simple and fun way, combining colors and brushstrokes, to achieve great results very quickly. Do you remember him teaching how to paint a pixel at the time? of course not!
  • When a Traditional Artist meets AI for the First Time: An Experiment

    What happens when an artist produces an artwork using Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Who is the artist, the human or the machine? Is AI able to boost creativity, or is it creative in is own right? Is it the beginning of a new era for the arts or just a bubble?

    The use of technology as a tool and a medium is posing many questions, the answers are often blurry. However, 2019 has registered a lot of interesting experimentation and a lively discussion is still going on.

  • In the creative world of Joanne Hastie

    After a short summer break, Libre AI is resuming the interviews with artists that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in their practice. This time, I had the pleasure to interview Joanne Hastie, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She combines programming, robotics and paint to create art and be more creative. Her latest work of Machine Learning Curation was shown at NeurIPS 2018 conference in Montreal, Canada and at the 2019 Women in Data Science Conference in Zurich Switzerland.
  • diavlex brings AI Art to the Next Level

    Explorations of AI Art— Episode 04 Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred “Freedom” by diavlex, courtesy ...