Explorations of AI Art

  • In the creative world of Joanne Hastie

    After a short summer break, Libre AI is resuming the interviews with artists that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in their practice. This time, I had the pleasure to interview Joanne Hastie, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She combines programming, robotics and paint to create art and be more creative. Her latest work of Machine Learning Curation was shown at NeurIPS 2018 conference in Montreal, Canada and at the 2019 Women in Data Science Conference in Zurich Switzerland.
  • diavlex brings AI Art to the Next Level

    Explorations of AI Art— Episode 04 Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred “Freedom” by diavlex, courtesy ...
  • Exploring Gender through the Lens of Computer Vision with Artist J.Rosenbaum

    This time we reached out to American artist J.Rosenbaum who is based in Victoria, Australia, and is a contemporary figurative artist working in 3D modeling, Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), investigating the intersection of technology and art.
  • Experiencing Generative Art with Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most: Towards the Discovery of the Inner Self

    Art can change people in different ways and for those who are interested in more conceptual aspects of generative art, I reached out to Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most to discuss his work, creating an educational opportunity for all of us excited by the disruptive and creative potential of AI art. Jeroen is based in Amsterdam and combines traditional ways of making art with data, algorithms, and AI.
  • Collecting Generative Art: An Emerging Culture

    This year, 2019, opened with several networking events that have seen the gathering of a diverse group of people, including artists, data designers, creative coders, AI explorers, and developers in order to discuss the future of generative art in the industry and beyond.
  • A Moment in the Disruptive Art of Albert Barqué-Duran

    Explorations of AI Art— Episode 03 Beth Jochim, Director and Co-Founder at Cueva Gallery. Twitter: @_bblurred “I realised how powerful are some...
  • Where is Generative Art headed?

    When last October Christie’s sold a GAN-generated portrait painting titled “Edmond de Belamy” for the unexpected amount of $432,500, it was clear that something new was happening in the art world. All of a sudden journalists and newspapers were concerned with the machine-artist that could compete, challenge and perhaps overcome the human one. This has triggered discussions of various kinds, including the aspects of creativity, and where this new genre will bring the art world.
  • Can AI Enhance Human Creativity?

    The mysterious ways of a creative mind: what is creativity?

    The interconnection of creativity with human intelligence, individuality, and neurological processes, is a dynamic and exciting field to study and to work in. Over time, creativity has been of central interest to disciplines such as cognitive science, philosophy, education, technology, economics, linguistics, psychology, and neuroscience — just to mention a few.