How AI and Art can Work with Creatives

The Unique Collaboration of AI (Art) with Other Creative Industries

In the last year several creative industries have decided to collaborate with AI (and AI Artists) to design new products.

It is the case, for example, of Kartell with Autodesk. This artistic collaboration in 2019 has brought to the creation of the first AI Chair, welcomed by designer Philippe Starck as a product of a "natural intelligence":

According to the designer himself, the interaction with AI not only "does not replace the designer’s creativity but helps to speed up the prototyping and corporate design process by shortening the time of arrival on the market."


Other examples come from the fashion world in 2020, where AI has been used as a tool to create new collections. One of the last experimentation has been conducted by Acne Studios with AI artist Robbie Barrat. Here AI has allowed to design the new Men's Fall 2020:

Swedish fashion designer and founder of Acne Studios, Johnny Johansson, believes AI could revolutionize fashion design, and says: “I’m just feeling that this is going to take over — it sounds scary — but take over in a good way. We haven’t gone that far, I think, but this has been a tool for us this time...I used it with pleasure.”


Another interesting partnership has been the one between STUDIO Pinar and Viola with the Danish brand Ganni. During Copenhagen Fashion Week infinitepatterns, fashion prints developed with Google Arts & Culture and the inventor of Deep Dream, Alexander Mordvintsev, were shown during the catwalk of the brand. As the duo explains, "the WOW factor of fashion has a positive influence to make people embrace a cutting edge technology."

We can not notice that AI is more and more embraced as a tool to expand horizons, creativity and possibilities in collaboration with AI Artists and Art.

The future lies in AI Art building powerful collaborations and working closely with other creative industries.