Why buying (AI)art can be a great present

Image by Couleur


Buying art as a present to a friend or a family member can be challenging, and sometimes people feel discouraged to do so. However, there are more positive outputs than negative ones, and it could turn out to be the best present ever.

Here we explain why.

1. It is a unique and very personal way that shows to know the person well enough to be adventurous and invade what is consider a private sphere. Also, it shows that you spent time and thoughts, and that you care to donate something special that represents taste, spark and interest of the person who will receive the gift.

2. "Art is an experience, not an object", says Robert Motherwell. An artwork tells the story of two people, it is a shared experience. It expresses the inner world of the artist, but also of the collector. This is a dynamic that has the potential to renovate itself over and over, don't making the gift boring.

3. It becomes part of the daily life of a person and shows also the creative side of those who receive it. It allows freedom of experimentation on how to showcase it in a domestic or work environment, becoming an interesting subject of conversation.


So, what about AI Art? Can we share the same thoughts and reasons?


We answer the question with "Yes, we can". Let's start saying that:

1. AI Art and generative art speak a language that people living in the digital era understand.

2. The Storytelling of AI Art is powerful and represents many aspects of our existence, connecting data at a level that traditional art can not. This pushes creativity beyond predefined points.

3. Different and interesting aesthetics can emerge, challenging us intellectually and emotionally.

4. AI Art is not necessarily a breaking point with tradition, but rather an evolution where to build new meaningful content.

5. AI Art is versatile and demonstrates a great creative potential, containing in itself infinite possibilities of realization that can be adjusted according to taste and need. This aspect is of particular interest for works on commission, as the collector has the chance to co-create a unique artwork at a level never before.


Are you ready to invest in AI Art?