About us


Cueva is an online gallery that presents unique works generated or inspired by AI. 

It is a space for creativity and inspiring content, and a place to showcase talent and ideas. 

It is an experience where collectors have a say and can be part of the process of creating art. 

Allowing movement and development, Cueva wants to free the soul of Generative Art bringing it to everyone, implementing cultural and commercial partnerships and promoting its disruptive potential.

Through a fruitful dialogue among artists, technology and collectors, Cueva will lead you into the labyrinth of the most exciting tool and medium of our times and will make you discover the countless possibilities of Artificial Intelligence applied to art and beyond.

The first of its kind in Ireland.

Meet Our Team

 Claudia, Beth & Ernesto


We are a diverse team passionate about AI and its impact on Art and society. We are based in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland. 

Beth Jochim, Co-Founder and Director 

Beth has a strong passion for art and technology. This pushes her to implement ambitious and innovative projects involving Generative Art. She wants to bring the powerful language of AI Generative Art to inspire everybody, everywhere.

Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez, Co-Founder and Artistic AI Engineer 

Claudia brings an artistic touch to the rigor of engineering. She is committed to investigate AI as a tool and a medium to implement creativity practices.

Dr. Ernesto Diaz-Aviles, Co-Founder and Creative AI Geek 

Ernesto wants to boost the relationship between creative machines and creative people. The artwork produced by this interaction is at the core of our work in Cueva.