The diavlex Collective

diavlex is a collective of AI artisans, scientists, engineers, and machines with a focus on society. They use data and technology to experiment on representations of the anxieties and crises of our times as a channel to surface unexplored answers.

The collective’s vision of using Artificial Intelligence as a tool and a medium goes beyond the intention of creativity augmentation and aesthetic novelty. As AI and Machine Learning connect data and discover new insights to a level that the human mind cannot, applications of these techniques in art have the ability to surprise the artist and the public with unexpected results. AI becomes the way to reach a deeper comprehension of the world and its problems and the essential tool to express it.

diavlex collective is based in Dublin, Ireland, and exhibits at Cueva Gallery.

Featured Collections: ResidualDreaming of Electric Sheep,  Ixchel, Dia de los Muertos


Mas is an Italian self-taught painter that works with different medium including glass, wood, ceramic and porcelain.

The artist uses a combination of the traditional technique of nib painting with the more recent "olio molle", where the color never dries, but must be baked twice in a special oven at 800-850 degrees.

For Cueva Gallery, she has participated in an experiment and painted The Triptych, which combines a traditional painting on porcelain with inspiration by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Her experience offers a fresh new vision about the use of AI in art and opens a realm of possible different collaborations between traditional artists and the technology.  To read the full story behind the creation of this special work, please visit our blog here.

Matias Nordin

Matias Nordin is a digital artist who explores the meeting between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and art. He is located in Floda, Sweden.

His work crosses the fields of creative AI and computational creativity, working with experiments where the artist lack a perception of causality and where surreal and non-physical content emerge.

Recently he has also started to build hardware for communicating with the AI in an attempt to simplify the human-machine collaboration.

His work for Cueva Gallery are six exclusive pieces listed here: The Hidden Gem, Above the Cliffs, Repetitions, Stream, The sky and the lake, And he walked through the storm.

Aurèce Vettier

Aurèce Vettier is a collective created by Paul Mouginot and Anis Gandoura based in Paris.

The duo challenges creative processes, such as sculpture, photography, installation, poetry or sound design, by introducing new forms of relevant interaction between humans and machines and by invoking a combination of high-technological artifacts and obsessional craftsmanship.

A Rebours  is an exclusive edition for Cueva Gallery and part of Aurèce Vettier’s Potential Herbariums series.