The diavlex Collective

diavlex is a collective of AI artisans, scientists, engineers, and machines with a focus on society. They use data and technology to experiment on representations of the anxieties and crises of our times as a channel to surface unexplored answers.

The collective’s vision of using Artificial Intelligence as a tool and a medium goes beyond the intention of creativity augmentation and aesthetic novelty. As AI and Machine Learning connect data and discover new insights to a level that the human mind cannot, applications of these techniques in art have the ability to surprise the artist and the public with unexpected results. AI becomes the way to reach a deeper comprehension of the world and its problems and the essential tool to express it. 

diavlex collective is based in Dublin, Ireland, and exhibits at Cueva Gallery.

Featured Collection: ResidualDreaming of Electric Sheep,  Ixchel, Dia de los Muertos